Buku Ajar Conducting Cross-Cultural Business Research Lessons from Paradox of Javanese vs Chinese Indonesians Business in Indonesia



This book presents a proposed procedure for conducting cross-cultural comparative analysis. Using the example of the Javanese vs. Chinese Indonesians business paradox, a study on the business context can be elucidated by presenting both the general and specific aspects of the observed cultures. The first chapter delves into the demographic and historical background of Indonesia, focusing on two of its sub-cultures: Javanese and Chinese Indonesians, which serve as the objects of comparison.

This is followed by an exploration of Javanese culture and Chinese Indonesian culture. After reviewing existing literature to establish the foundational information for both cultures, cross-cultural comparison research can leverage contemporary frameworks on culture. The depth of analysis may vary based on the chosen research method, though the primary goal of a cross-cultural comparison study is to broaden and enhance our understanding beyond the limitations of our immediate environment.

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Mirwan Surya Perdhana, Ph.D.






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